Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I have been doing to drop the weight

The original pic was taken August 2009, but I was the same weight in October 2009 too. From 10/09 to 01/10 I lost 20 pounds, maintained until 03/09, then I really kicked it up a notch, and in the last 6 months I lost another 55. So, I'm halfway to my goal weight, and so far so good!

What I have been doing to drop the weight:

The first 20 pounds
I made very slight changes to diet and absolutely no changes to exercise. I continued to eat fast food because of my laziness, but I just got the grilled chicken options with a side salad instead of a burger and fries. My exercise went from sedentary to sedentary, so like I said, no change there.

The next 55 pounds
I started exercising regularly and eating right. Pretty simple stuff, really. I had to start SUPER slow with exercising though, because I had really let myself go. My first couple walks were at a snail's pace, and now I'm booking it at over 4.5mph. My minimum was to walk 30 minutes a day in the beginning, but I've started using a pedometer. Now I strive for 10,000 steps a day. I also bike commute to work on Fridays, 20 miles round-trip (until the weather starts to turn garbage). My buddy and I usually go for another bike ride on Sundays too (about 10 miles there). Beyond that, three times a week I get in some calisthenics, and then of course I track the calories on myfitnesspal, so that keeps me on my toes for what I eat.

The next 75 pounds
Who knows. Hopefully more of the same I've been doing for the last 6 months, but I'm sure I'll have to mix it up at some point. Eventually, I'll start running/jogging. Maybe another 20-25 pounds when I feel like my knees can take it.

Oh, and no gym. Screw gyms. I hate those places. And they cost money. I need to save that money for new clothes when I get skinnier! I'm already into my college wardrobe, and soon I'll be through my high school threads. :)

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